People's Party of Canada Southern Alberta​

In case you didn't realize it we are in a War. An ideological War that we need to win.

In the past week:

Max and a PPC candidate in Nova Scotia were arrested for having political rallies.

It was disclosed that the Conservative Party of Canada spent $120,000 on a dirty trick campaign against the PPC and Max in the last election.

A video posted by the PPC on YouTube was removed after being up for five minutes for being against community standards. The video was a presentation of a Freedom rally last month in Toronto.

A presentation by three medical professionals and Dereck Sloan on the harm caused by Lock downs and vaccines was banned by Facebook.

David Akin of Global news mocked the rally were Max was arrested.

Aside from these attacks on the PPC the established parties are pushing significant and fundamental changes to laws that will forever change Canada and the Freedoms we enjoy.

Bill C 10 is being pushed through with limits on debate and hidden amendments. This bill will censor the internet content available and comments on Social Media.

Passage of a motion in the commons to allow Quebec to change the Canadian Constitution which will allow it to declare itself a Nation with French being the only official language.

Passage of a Bill UNDRIP ( United Nations Declaration Regarding Indigenous People) which will require Canada to consult with Indigenous People on every law that affects them. This will require all present laws be amended to comply. Some are more equal than others.

Changes to the Official Languages Law now requiring all federal chartered companies to have a significant French usage in the operations. This includes Banks, Inter Provincial Transport, Grain Shipping, Ports, etc.

New Federal Government regulations over resource development including coal mining.

Agreement with the US to take a number of illegals entering through their southern border.

Continued and expanded growth of our debt to fund donations to foreign countries and globalist agencies.

Increased debt has and is causing our inflation rate to spiral upwards causing significant increases in all goods and services. Reducing our purchasing power.

If you believe that the Conservative Party of Canada would be different, think again.

-All CPC MP's from Alberta voted for or abstained in the vote to change the constitution for Quebec. Just another example, of many, where they take us for granted.

If all these events and changes to our laws don't scare you or make you angry they should.

Only the People's Party stands between a globalist Canada and a free country. Only one national leader is will to stand up for Canada and it's people, that's Max Bernier.

To continue the fight we need your help since Max and our patriotic candidates can't do it alone.

Please donate some of your time or a few dollars to help us fight for Canada and it's citizens.

Qualifications To Be Prime Minister

Qualifications for Prime Minister of Canada

“Bernier obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal, completed his law degree at the University of Ottawa and was called to the Quebec Bar in 1990, of which he is still a member. For 19 years, Bernier held positions in law, several financial and banking fields, such as working as a lawyer at McCarthy Tétrault,[8] rising up to become branch manager at the National Bank, the office of the Securities Commission of Québec as Director of Corporate and International Relations,[9] an adviser (handling fiscal reform) from 1996 to 1998 in the office of Bernard Landry—Quebec's finance minister and Deputy Premier of Quebec at the time—and Standard Life of Canada as the Vice-President of Corporate Affairs and Communication.[9] He also served as Executive Vice-President of the Montreal Economic Institute, a Quebec free-market think tank, where he authored a book on tax reform.”


Who is Max Bernier

Did Max start a revolution?

Introducing Our Candidate for Lethbridge Riding

Announcement of Official PPC Candidate in Lethbridge

Introducing Kimberley Dawn Hovan

Kimberley Dawn Hovan is the Lethbridge candidate for the People’s Party of Canada. She’s a young mother of three daughters, energetic, full of life and most importantly she cares.

She cares for what she is doing and cares for people. Most importantly, she cares about Lethbridge and Alberta’s place in Canada..

Kimberley grew up in Red Deer Alberta, moving to Lethbridge with her family in 1988.

She graduated from LCI.

Outside of raising her family,Kimberley is a small business entrepreneur. She owns and operates a residential cleaning business and previously owned and operated two franchise businesses.

This experience has provided her with personal knowledge of the challenges faced by small business owners, of woman entrepreneurs and of the importance of integrity and service.

Her decision to become involved came from needing to see the great country she loves and lives in, not be brought down by the very government that is supposed to support and strengthen it. There needs to be more accountability and unity for Canada to heal and thrive.

Kimberley supports the oil and gas industry and believes that we should be building pipelines to create jobs, grow our industry and become a self-sustaining Province/Country. We need to put money back into our own Country first and build our economy. There needs to be more respect to our citizens; better financial support for seniors and veterans, a better and more efficient health care system, more affordable food, clean water and higher standards of living for our own people.

We need to end lock downs. Businesses should be given the freedom to operate with minimal government involvement. Kimberley believes that everyone deserves respect and the right of freedom of speech.

“I believe in freedom, I believe in entrepreneurship, I believe in respect , I believe in fairness, I believe in Personal Responsibility and freedom” said Hovan. “These are the fundamental principles of my party and what we stand for.”

Introducing Our Candidate for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner Riding

Brodie Heidinger grew up in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He is a loving husband and father of two small boys and has good family values. In his professional life, he has shown dedication to his work by advancing his education and training on a regular basis, obtaining a number of designations in the insurance industry as well as volunteering time with various charities. His interests are varied, including hockey, golf, politics, traveling, scuba diving and football. He has been recognized for his strong negotiation skills, ability to develop rapport with co-workers and clients alike, and paying close attention to company policies and legal requirements. He has experience in coaching and mentoring, as well as in leadership roles.

Introducing Our Candidate Contestants for Bow River Riding

I am from Lethbridge and moved to the Calgary area about 20 years ago. I lived in the city for a while, and then married my wife Kristina and we first lived together in Okotoks for about 8 years. We moved to Chestermere in 2015 and eventually had two amazing boys. I completed the Engineering Design and Drafting program at Lethbridge Community College just before moving to Calgary, and pursued a career in civil engineering and surveying since. With the upheaval of 2020, I started expanding my abilities to financial consultant/broker, while still working in the civil engineering and surveying industry. Seeing how much turmoil these last 16 or so months has created, and being inspired to see a leader of Max’s stature fighting for Canadians’ freedom, I wanted to join the PPC and fight to help the party make the changes this country, and my riding, seriously need.

My family has grown in and around this area in Alberta for a number of generations. We have seen many ups and downs along the way, as have many people, and I want to make as positive an impact for the region and its hard-working, loyal, caring people as I possibly can. I am very honoured for your consideration and I look forward to the journey ahead, whatever the results of this selection process may be!

Thank you again

Humbly and sincerely,

Terry Pavlenko

The election of our candidate will be held July 17 2021 at 7PM via Zoom. Details will be emailed to active Party Members. New members will be eligible to vote provided the membership application is received prior to July 10, 2021.

I am Alberta born and raised family man with 4 wonderful children and another on the way! After home schooling through grade 12 I started my career as a Heavy Equipment Technician. With 9 years experience in that industry I then had an opportunity to be an instructor at The Southern Ankara Institute of Technology for that same field. After that I got some sales experience selling Ford trucks for 4 years. Since then I have tried a few other things.

My hobbies include motorcycles, cars, golf, fishing, computers, and even some armature boxing. I'm always keen to try new things and will continue to learn till the day I die.

I look forward to where this new path takes me.


Jonathan Bridges

Introducing Our Candidate  for Foothills Riding

We expect to introduce our candidate for Foothills riding within the next week. Please come visit the week of June 30,2021 for full details.


                                                                              LETHBRIDGE, AB, CANADA